Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Mud Lake

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I thought it would be a good idea.....hiking around Mud Lake.  I suppose for most people the name of the lake would have sent up warning signs but I'm not that bright.  

We drove down and I had intended on just going for a little walk.  We kept taking paths ending in dead ends.  Eventually we made our way completely around the lake.  It ended up being an hour and a half.  Not bad.  At one point when I knew we were headed in the right direction but not sure exactly where we were we ended up at the pond where we catch bullfrogs which is part of this water system.  We had walked almost all the way home.  We now had to find our way back to where we left the car.

Two of four found a boggy area that had mud like quick sand.  We eventually managed to get her out and retrieve her shoe.  One of Four got stung a couple of times.  The area is infested with poison ivy so it will be interesting to see if anyone gets it.  I don't seem to react to it.....well, not in the past anyhow.  Hopefully they are the same.

The little grey squirrel in the picture jumped out at us along the path and ran at us.  Apparently he's used to being hand fed I suppose as there were peanut shells all over, and I all but had to beat him off with a stick.  He didn't buy that we weren't there to feed him.

Two of the kids don't want to ever go back.  Wimps.


Kurt said...

Nice pics.

Megan said...

Our favorite camping spot has a place that is known as "The Cold Pool."

And yeah, "Mud Lake" kicks our ass. (Can I type ass on this blog?)

Sandy said...

I like those pics, especially the one with the frog you can see in the foreground. Poison oak, yikes. I've had that stuff about five times and it's awful. I sure hope no one gets it.