Thursday, 14 April 2011

Number 55 vs Kurt

This is a model from a book/cd called Virtual Pose 3.  His name is Pose Number 55.  You can bring the image up on your computer and rotate the model 360 degrees.  Doesn't he look aerodynamic?  They smooth their surface out so much they don't even have butt holes.  Funny thing is that most live models are good at chosing poses that aren't quite so .... showy and don't require airbrushing.  Which is good, cause there are some things I don't want to draw.

I do however, love to draw/paint nipples.  Without them the chest would be so boring.

I remember seeing a version that was kids and was shocked until I saw that they were fully dressed.  They also have a 4th version and one with two models together.

Many of the  poses aren't the most interesting, but are good for practise when you haven't got naked people begging to be drawn hanging about.

Okay ladies....Kurt picking his nose or the aerodynamic looking No. 55?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Quick Sketch of Kurt

Just remember asked for it in your comment.
Hot Chocolate suggested when I'm at the coffee shops drawing the customers I should draw them nude so if they come over....  Well, I like that suggestion.  I think I'll do that starting next week.

BTW, I don't know what he looks like without clothes on before you ask.  Really, with clothes on either for that matter;-)