Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Boxer

This is the new painting we've started that has another 6 hours of model time to complete.  We get 9 hours a painting and believe me, it's never enough.  I've only ever finished one painting.

This model is so dedicated that he actually went out and got a horrificly painful looking black eye just for the pose.  He then agreed to let one of the artists punch him again next week to freshen up the eye if it's healed too much.

Okay, truthfully, he did have a black eye but it was from a biking accident and it was worked it into the pose.  I have to's so much fun to actually paint clothes onto someone for a change I may actually start painting people at home on my own time in oil.


Jennifer Rose said...

well i guess punching the model is one way to get them to not move from the pose....

Serena said...

a well-timed black eye. lol you're off to a great start with this painting.