Friday, April 26

Making Lemonade

While most would immediately call the exterminator should they find rats in their abode (or school cafeteria thus shutting services down for two weeks) we prefer to pamper our rats.  That way they feel suitably happy and don't gnaw on your face while you slumber.

Wednesday, February 13

Parliament argues Zombie apocalypse

Today in the House of Commons the Parliamentarians argued over what they would do to stop zombies from crossing over to Canada from the States should an outbreak occur.  I KID YOU NOT.  John Baird, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, assured the opposition that an outbreak in the States would never be allowed to become an apocalypse reaching Canada.

Sure glad they aren't worrying about something silly like problems related to the economy, and jobs.

Wednesday, January 2

Happy New Year.  Is it Spring yet?

Friday, November 30

Okay, thank you to those who said they would have bought my work from the Figureworks show had they had the chance. BUT, it was bought by a fellow artist, who really loved it and snapped it up just after the show opened.  I don't think it could possibly have a better home.  I'm quite tickled that one of my peers, who never buys art, had to have it.

Wednesday, November 21

"It's all there in black and white"

At last nights vernissage Mr. P and I walked around the gallery just after the show opened and checked out all the art work.  On our second pass around Mr. P noticed that someone had placed a red sticker on my tag.

Mr. P.: "Why is there a red sticker on your tag?"

Me:  "That means it sold."

Mr. P:  ", really.  Why is there a red sticker on your tag?"

Me:  "Because it sold."

Mr. P.  "Are any of your relatives here?"

Me:  "It wouldn't surprise me, but that would just be depressing."

I can save face and say that it did get snapped up right away by someone that was not a relative and that I didn't know, who "never buys art" but just loved the work. 

Friday, November 9

Mom and Dad's House

I thought 'wouldn't it be nice to work with a medium that's quicker to work with than coloured pencil'.  It was for the first two pictures I did, but somewhere along the way I lost track of the purpose of working in ink and ended up here.  Highly detailed, many hours later, pulling my hair out.  Sigh.  When will I learn?  Probably never.  Just not very bright I guess.

Tuesday, October 23

"It's all there in black and white"
$150 (framed)

"It's all there in black and white has been juried into this years Figureworks award show which runs from November 20th to December 2nd at St.Brigid's Centre for the Arts.

Thursday, September 27

Well I'm all moved in to my new city.  It felt like home right away.  I hear about how hot it is but I don't mind the heat.  What takes some getting used to is the dryness.  I've never used so much lip balm in my life.  I find myself pausing under the mist they pipe into the air from the various pubs and restaurants along the main strip trying to absorb some of the moisture.  I don't mind the dryness though.

Tonight we drove into the desert and within a half hour period we saw bats, 3 coyotes, a desert rabbit and a roadrunner.

Oh sure, I'll miss the kids and Mr. P. but the only way he's getting me on the plane and back to Canada is kicking and screaming.  Scottsdale, AZ is by far the prettiest place I've ever seen.  If I ever become a homeless hobo, this is where I want to do it.

Thursday, August 9

The first "salesman" came to the door today and asked me if I moved in when the house was built. Back in the early 60's. Yah, that's me....I'm in my 70's. I sorta yelled at him. Then he insulted my driveway.

The second "salesman" came to the door with a clipboard and associate in training and told me he could tell from his fancy clip board that I rent a water heater. "No I don't." I said and as he looked down at his fancy clipboard I slammed the door shut. Lying scammers.

I know, it being a Thursday night in the Western part of the city core, that the we need to make sure that the car is locked as Thursday is breaking into cars night in my neighbourhood. I kid you not. Just like clockwork.
People suck.  And no, I didn't just figure that out.

Thursday, July 5

I'm still working on this one.  Pen and Ink drawing of a street on the Market.  Although these can be worked faster than a coloured pencil work, they are very unforgiving.  One mistake and you're done.  Why do I do this to myself;-)

Monday, June 18

Pen and Ink

Mr. P. was about to tell me that there were hairs across my work when I showed him the completed drawing for the first time when he realized they were part of the picture.  I love that! 

Saturday, June 9

 "I Hate Clowns But This Guy's Okay"

Westboro I

Wednesday, April 25

Boxer in Boxers

Friday, April 20

Friday, April 13

New Art

 Just started this oil painting.  It's all blocked in and waiting for additional layers and then details to be added.  It won't be finely detailed like my coloured pencil works but it sure is a lot faster than doing a cp painting.
 Here's a picture of a stool with a towel on it in front of a mirror.