Friday, June 19

Week one of a two week pose.  I didn't even bother to ask his name.  I feel so cheap.

Wednesday, May 27

Other People Exist

It's been a couple of years, but I've finally worn my way through my graphic tee collection back to the "Other People Exist" t-shirt.  Ironically I was wearing this in line at the Starbucks this morning when a man all but pushed me out of the way to beat me to the head of the line.  He must have really needed a coffee.  I didn't take him down as I normally would.  I find when I wear this tee I'm reminded to be a kinder, gentler me.  Curse you Kurt!

Friday, May 22


I tend to be a magnet for unwanted attention too.  If there's a nutbag out there....

Thursday, May 21

Speaking of disasters and the National Art Gallery, in 2010 we had an earthquake while I was in the pictured structure.  My art instructor booted it out and down to an outdoor patio at a pub down the street saying "I'm not going to meet my maker in the Pop art exhibit."  We had a lovely afternoon, but had only the quake been a bit worse I might have gotten the chance to touch the art before being impaled.  Well, at least I can touch Maman.

Wednesday, May 20

If there is ever an apocalypse and I survive it, I'm going to the National Gallery and touching all of the art.

Sunday, May 17

Thursday, May 14

A lively day at Mud Lake

Monday, May 11

A Study of Julia

Friday, May 8

Yoga.  It's all the craze amongst the upperclass ducks in the Village of Britannia.  I've noticed they're a lot snootier this year.  Once they start wearing lululemon I'm outta there! 

Tuesday, April 14

Don't draw with a math professor.

Monday, April 13

Suck it up buttercup

her: " My room smells bad."
me: " I opened the window to air it out. What's it smell like?"
her:  "Outside. It stinks. I hate that smell."

Tuesday, April 7

Monday, March 23