Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Ode to Mosquitos

I love mosquitos
Mosquitos, mosquitos everywhere
I love mosquitos
In my eyes, up my nose, in my hair

I love mosquitos
They are faithful through and through
To their most important calling
A blood sucking annoyance to you

I love mosquitos
And their itchy bite
Itchy, itchy scratching
Scratch with all your might

I love mosquitos
I breed them in my yard
Small pools of stagnant water
It isn't very hard!

I love mosquitos
I wish they were around all year
'Cause when they finally peter out
I find I shed a tear

I love mosquitos
Though not as much as you
And so I'm willing to send them all
With their larvae too

I love mosquitos
When they are at YOUR house
Please feel free to keep them
And share them with your spouce


Krista said...

Mosquitos....they even got me in the caribean!!! nice tan with nice bites!

Anonymous said...

Oh Boo Hoo! There were mosquitos in the Caribean. Poor you!

The Sausage Tree said...

To all mosquitos i have but one thing to say...

"Bite me!"

actually on second thoughts maybe not.

Krista said...

Yes poor me....when you live in a mosquito infested area the last thing you expect is for them to follow you!!