Friday, 10 June 2005

Another Day Another Dollar

Well, gid'ay all. Another day, another ...... wait! That's right! I don't work for a living. I'm a stay at home mom. I have no relevant job! At least I don't according to our government. My services could be better provided by somebody else in an institution where there are a large number of children gathered together like sheep. The shepherds of these flocks of children can then assimilate them into the Liberal fold. Vote for the Paul Martin government. They can all be trained to be "politically correct" and remove God from their vocabulary. Only then when this is done can I go out and find work at a real job where I can make a small salary that the government can take most of and use to supplement their own questionable activities all in the name of "It's what Canadians want." The worst part of this is that it can all be done with the blessings of much of the Canadian population. To do anything else would be scary! Because the alternative is a party with a hidden agenda. Ooooh! scary!

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