Monday, 6 June 2005


Animals are always a good indicator of what the weather outside is like. Even better than the weather network or forcasters. (Ooooh! that's real hard!) Today was no exception. At a temperature of 31 degrees (yes, that's celcius....and no, it didn't melt the igloos up here in Canada.) with a humididex of 37, my dog excitedly walked out the door, turned and promptly walked right back in again. That's when you know it's hot.
I can tell when a thunderstorm is coming too. If I look out and see my dog shaking like a leaf with tail between his legs I know theres a big one coming and one should run for cover!
My plants are still sitting in their containers, wilted and neglected looking. How else are they supposed to look still potted on June the 6th with this heat. What ever happend to spring? I think I must have missed it when I blinked. Complain as I must, I am however glad that we at least have sun. I can work on my sun burn.

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