Tuesday, 19 July 2005

My Poem about Jacques

Jacques, Jacques, Jacques
How'd you end up with that?
A female dog, brown you may be
With two male owners
(They're gay as can be!)

Gay married men
Not gay as in happy
Seem to hate women
Thinks they are crappy!

They buy a female dog
Whom they promptly name Jacques
And tell their two kids
Without any tact

"Don't call her a girl!"
A she, her or bitch
Don't refer to her as female
(Oh, isn't that rich!)

My question for them
Is only this
Why'd you buy a female
If she can't bring you bliss!

A dog is to love
Not to teach hate
Or treat really nasty
Or to humiliate

You can't change that
She's of the female race
On which you have spat.

(I wish dogs had PMS.)

The very end!

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