Sunday, 7 August 2005

A Day in the Life of Four Kids...Rolled into One

What can I do, do with my day?
I have one ahead of me
To work, sleep or play

I think I'll sleep late.
At least until 9
Then I'll get up
And on chocolate I'll dine!

My Mother won't know
As I sneak to her jar
Of dark chocolate chips
They aren't up very far

Once I am done
I'll go bother my sisters
I'll punch, poke, and spit
Till they break out in blisters

Then what should I do
Hmmm.....what to do next
I'll bug them some more
By now mom's getting vexed

Off to my cousins',
Where we like to play!
We like to use powder
Rooms have a fragrant bouquet!

Now time for more fighting
Slapping I think
Or playing with water
In the bathroom sink

Next I'll break a chair
A custom made one works best
To get the best reaction
[giggle] the parents looked stressed!

And because kids are kids
(This one was not planned)
I'll break an heirloom vase
Oh! Wasn't that just grande!

Now Mom's face is red
I think she might blow
She's about at her limit
It's soon time to go!

Now for the grand finale!
A stunt to impress!
My young cousins' daddy
Mom draws a lady with no dress

Well actually, my mom
She only drew boobs!
On the daddy's desktop
My mom's such a rube!

She used permanent black marker
She said they were eyes
And that they went through the paper
(I think they were lies)

What is that, that you say?
It's now time to leave?
You say you're embarrased?
With all we've achieved?

Out the door we go
We may not come back
Even if invited
We'll decline with some tact

Just another day
A normal one for me
I like to explore my limits
I like to be free

To do what I want
To do what pops into my head
From the first thing in the morning
Until it's finally time for bed

The very end

1 comment:

Adventurer said...

Have you thought about gathering these together for a book of children's verse? I 'm not sure that "boobs" will get through the censors though :D