Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Embarrasing Story #2

I made it all through yesterday! But didn't want to live through another day like it, so I hit the chocolate chip jar first thing. The good news is that I managed to exercise adequately today and kinda cut down on the intake!

This isn't an embarrassing story per say. But here goes:

I am a chocoholic! And I have failed to avoid chocolate today. So here is my embarrassing fact. I let my dog eat off my fork....occasionally. Technically his mouth doesn't touch the fork (like that makes it any less disgusting.) I wonder sometimes is he maybe finds this disgusting and humiliating, but doesn't want to hurt my feelings, plus what I'm eating looks so much better than his dry kibble. NOT! Dogs lick each others butts and chew on dead things outdoors.....why would he mind eating off of my fork....D'oh!


Mr. Incredulous said...

What's more gross than a dog licking his/her own butt? S/he licks the butt, then licks your face. ...And then perhaps, a trip to the master's fork, washing down the food with some fresh toilet water...

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Ha! My dog doesn't drink from the toilet. At least not when I'm looking. He does however eat from the garbage any chance that he gets.

Oh well. It's all good good. When the big flu pandemic that the gov't is predicting hits, I'll have the immunity of a super hero.

anonymous said...

Ya know the TV show Mythbusters proved that dogs mouths do in fact have less germs & bacteria than human mouths do. So you are probably fine, however your dog may get the pandemic flu - from you - and the domestic dog population will be wiped out entirely. Leaving you with the weight of sobbing dog-less children everywhere on your head.

Food for thought!
baa haa haa
C -

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

When life sends you lemons, make lemonade, right? I see a future high paying career in posing as the family pet. I'll dress in a dog suit for a few hours a day if the population gets wiped out! What a life I'd have. (Forgive me Carole. I have a migraine today. That's the only reason why this seems like a good idea to me.)