Tuesday, 22 November 2005


One brand name ski jacket: $130.00
One pair of new winter boots: $50
One winter touque: $8
One new pair of mittens: $ 3.99
One pair of pristine white socks: $ 1.99

Watching your 10 year old run down the damp mucky driveway to catch the school bus with one boot half on, the other in hand, trailing her coat and knapsack behind hat and mitt free during wet snowy weather......PRICELESS!

And you thought we wouldn't make the bus today Mr. Perpetual Chocoholic. HA! In your face! I win beat the bus AGAIN!

Determination....it's all you'll ever need.


Kurt said...


anonymous said...


Three cheers to MS. Perp for:
A. Beating the bus again
B. Not killing said child for manner of beating bus!

Way to go!

Patti said...

Ya gotta be good at something!

Mr. Incredulous said...

I wonder if the bus driver goes home every night, tells his/her family about all these near misadventures and has a good laugh.

mish-mash mousse said...

Hey, you did it again! Way to go!!
Amazing isn't it? Chidren's clothes go from new to unrecognizable in no time flat.

Thanks for the kind note and getting me blogging again.

Maggie Ann said...

We used to play beat the bus...well, it was more like me playing it while the kids dallied. I'm so glad those days are over for me...its a wondor I didn't have a heart attack some mornings. Our bus driver was a sweet man who never failed to wait. One of the reasons the kids just didn't rush. I guess I wasn't tough enough! You painted a sweet picture though...like a Norman Rockwell painting. Have you seen his work? *smile* Its good!

Adventurer said...

thank goodness you posted the K-cake recipe. I've misplace my book of magic and need to recreate one tonight!