Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Will The Real Hag Please Step Forward

86 year old female, loves rocking by the caldron on cold winter nights. Loves that old adage "There may be snow on the roof honey, but thar's still a fire in me furnace." A carpenter by trade, working primarily with natural materials such as sugar. Enjoys unique cuisine, and loves children (heeheehee) looking for a male companion between 25 and 35...."oh heck, I'd take anyone just as long as thar breathin' like." With same interests. Non-smoker, athletic, romantic type. "I just want someone who appreciates me for more than just me mind, you understand." No pets...."them varmit tend ta eat the house!"

All interested parties can reply in comments box please.

I haven't gotten into Halloween so much since before I had kids. What fun it was to get out the make-up and scraps of cloth and use a bit of creativity to see what I could invent. Apparently my husband thought I had invented my Dad in an old hags costume. Nice.

Upon arriving home from work, I tried to give my dearest a hello kiss as has been our daily custom for some time. He wasn't going for it though. At first he though it was my Dad since he likes to dress up for fun to freak people out any chance he gets. Once he realized the hag was me, I still wasn't gettin' any lovin'. I don't know why, I'm still the same charming person underneath...aren't I? Or maybe this is the real me coming through....

Quite enjoyable though, was the end of the evening when I went across the street to a neighbours to see if I could scrounge me up some candy. I approached the door with a couple of kids who were looking adorable in their cute little fuzzy costumes. I was sure that the neighbours would recognize me and turn me away, but alas, they didn't. Even when I laughed uproariously and handed the candy back, I don't know if they knew who I was. I don't believe they figured it out until a gaggle of giggles rang out from my house across the street. I suppose that I should be happy that it didn't look so much like me.

One child actually swore when I open the door. [giggle] That was an interesting reaction.

Well, time to put that kind of make-up away for the year and pull out the other kind that I use on a daily basis to keep from looking like that hag for a few more years.

Hope you all enjoyed the evening.....save a kiss for me next Halloween.

P.S. the costume I wore the day before to a Halloween party was "embarrassed." My husband wan't keen on that one either. Snotty nose, crud stuck in my teeth, fly down, underwear and socks stuck with "static cling" to the back of my clothes. Zits aplenty, toiletpaper trailing from my shoe and pants....you get the idea. Same reaction though. People wanting to stare, but not wanting to really get too good a look. Especially at dinner! I believe that one poor soul, not mentioning a thing, just thought maybe I was having a bad day and she wouldn't embarrass me by pointing out the obvious. My littlest child followed me around with kleenex so I could get "the boog" sticking out of my nose. Ahhhh yes, I love Halloween!


Adventurer said...

Wear the hag costume the next time you need to borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbors! :d

anonymous said...

Wonderful costumes!! Way to show some spirit and a sense of humor!

C -