Thursday, 23 February 2006

Fairy Tale Wedding

Once upon a time
Not so long ago
A Princess fair met and wed
Her Prince whos name was Joe

This tale is not about them
In any shape or form
But about invited guests
Who just weren't quite the norm

As it usually happens
These guests can't get things right
If it's not one, it's the other
And it was the fellow this fine weddings night!

A lovely feast was spread
For all there to partake of
But while the fellow sat chatting
Others kept looking....above

Above his eyes to his brows
Something was not quite right
They couldn't look away
Try and try as they might

The wife of this finely groomed fellow
Knew just what was wrong
She left him alone with the clippers
And eyebrows he thought were too long!

So he clipped and clipped away
With the electrical beast
And in the end what came out
Wasn't what he had wanted in the least

You look like a transvestite
The astonished wife laughed
You're getting all dressed up for nothing
Cause still in the end you'll look daft

It's really quite hard
To make a mad face
When your eyebrows are thin
And gone at the base

Perhaps no one will notice
That you've shaved them away
You could borrow a dress
Go as a woman I'd say!

The solutions were none
They went anyway
A fun time was had by all
To remember for many a day

The very end

If only I had pictures!


anonymous said...

LOVE it!!

fourth_fret said...

... you can draw pictures...


Deb said...

LOL! I LOVED the poem. I agree with fourth_fret, you're so talented you could draw the pictures. I'd love to see them. (still giggling).