Wednesday, 8 February 2006

It ALL Happend One Morning

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get one pair of underwear into your husbands suitcase unoticed, wake up 15 minutes before the bus and provide on cartoon on your blog. Good luck. This message will not self destruct in 30 seconds, but will remain on your blog for what will seem like an eternity to remind you that you are truely the nut and not the magnet......

*alarm goes off, radio accidentally turned down very low during the setting process which was at 12:30 am when I awoke and remembered I needed to make the kids lunches and clean the kitchen. (I lay down for "just one minute" at 10pm.)
*"One more minute, that's all I need"
*husband is absent and therefore can't remind me to get up. He is now in California with my Travelling underwear I have affectionately named "Vicki Stripes" (for vicariously)

7:30 am
*Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's 7:30 am! 15 minutes to the bus!
*Run up stairs 2 at a time seeing stars the whole way. I got up a little too quickly I guess!
*Chicken little runs around the house yelling "the bus is coming ... the bus is coming!
*Stop to check self in the bathroom mirror. Don't want to frighten the kiddies.
*Look at aquarium. They really do have the most amazing looking fish now a days. Do you know that yesterday....I digress, back to panicing.
*Ahhhhhhhh! Get up! 15 minutes until the bus comes...
*Child #2 Miss Negative "we'll never make it Mom."
*Child #1 Miss Blank Stare "I can't find any pants."
*Chile #3 Miss Obstinate, no response. She'll get up when she's darn good and ready and the whole entire world can just go to H-E-Double hockey sticks! And apparently now, she's not ready. She is the equivalent of a cat in the human world.
*Cheese buns for breakfast....
*All children in various states of readiness turn up in the kitchen in a fraction of a second. They REALLY like cheese buns.
*I shove chunks of banana unattractively in each of their mouths with the chunks of cheese bun already floating around there. They think this is funny. I, on the other hand, fail to see the humour in this situation.

7:40 am
*All children stand fully dressed for one of the first truely chilly winter days this season. hair and teeth brushed (to the best of my knowledge.) and they look better than they usually do in the morning. They are .... amused.

7:41 am
*We are waiting for the bus. Hmmm. I don't think I like just waiting around like this. It's kind of boring actually being on time! No adrenalin rush, no high upon making it on time.

7:52 am
*Bus was a bit late today. Can you imagine!

New routine! Get up at this time every day!

8:00 am
*receive the following e-mail:

"You really did it! I can't believe it. Now I will have to try get a picture :-)"

I hid them in the little itty bitty pocket of his shaving kit. Taaa Daaa! Now I hope he remembers to buy a small pin or badge or something that I can put on them, otherwise I'll need to write on them. If he gets a picture of them there, I'll do a happy dance!

Well....I've completed my mission for today. I am the Queen of the Universe! Or Canada at least. I'll leave the take over of the States, or at least part of it to Fourth_Fret. Back to bed. Being Queen is exhausting!


Kurt said...

Thanks for the "before" photo.

Mr. Incredulous said...

1 plane ticket to CA: $340.
1 pair of travelling underpants: $15.
Seeing the look on his face when he finds said underpants snagged on the razor blade: PRICELESS.

Deb said...

You ARE slick. I need to take lessons from you. I know where you're coming from about you're kid's attitudes in the morning; except all the attitudes come from my oldest in the morning. Argh!

Your youngest sounds so CUTE!

fourth_fret said...

this is so funny. i still wish you could convince him to take pictures of the undies at different places.

Adventurer said...

What do you mean no adrenalin rush? I figured fifteen minutes to get everyone out of the house would do it!

Mind you, that sounds like a regular state in my house! See you Thursday?