Sunday, 26 February 2006

Well Hello all!

Or as they say in Canadian "Hello all, eh!" I'm home for just a few days....I'm off to Boston next, later this week. I got to see some of the lovely attractions while I was in Vancouver. I can't believe how green the grass is and that there is no snow anywhere. (not that I know what snow looks like anyways.) Here I am looking out our hotel window. I have a lovely view of the parking lot. I know that normally this wouldn't be exciting, but hey, it's my first one.

I hear that Vancouver is on the western coast of the country, so when California goes under water when the big one comes, I guess Vancouver will be going too. I'd like to think they are talking about earthquakes when they say this and not gas. Both cause me rock like there's no tomorrow. One's just less scary to me than the other. Not that I'm experienced in this matter actually. I've still never been worn, and Sandi doesn't do "that" anyhow.

They did have an earthquake back home. We just missed it by a couple of hours. It was only 4.5, and there wasn't any damage.


Kurt said...

You are one lucky pair of panties!

fourth_fret said...

this is too funny. i'm so glad you've made it out of the suitcase.

Krista said...

Earth Quake - what earth quake...was I drinking wine that night?hmmmm