Sunday, 23 April 2006

Adventurer.....A Gift From God!

Fellow Bloggers,

There are people who may have been wondering why I disappeared for a while from the blog and e-mail contact. Why I wasn't on MSN's IM. I know a few have asked. I'd like to say that it was just because I was terribly busy...which IS true. Or that maybe I was just feeling a bit uncreative and in a rut....which is also true. But I now know that it was something more than that. I was having a case of the "Normals."

Until a little over a year ago, I was an ordinary Canadian like any other. Busy Mom, formerly having worked in the medical and telecommunications settings. Having made it successfully through my youth, a more creative time in my life, I had grown up mentally and physically. In short.....I was boring.

I won't tell you all that happend a year ago to bring me to where I am today, but let me tell you, life is a whole lot more fun now. Pushing my limits, decorating lawn ornaments, wearing bunny ears out to coffee and church regularily, using a very dry sarcastic sense of humour when communicating with just about anybody. Approaching life with a different attitude. Enjoy today, praise the Lord always and work HAPPILY as if you are doing so for him. Now I don't exactly know if he'd be out decorating lawn Gnomes, but I'd like to think maybe he would, if it could bring a smile to someones face.

Well, the last couple of weeks, I've been feeling "NORMAL" again. Thinking about how silly my hobbies are. How I don't have a snowballs chance of ever being any type of an artist, cartoonist, business person. How I will never attain my ultimate dream of being a Starbucks Barista someday. When something happend.

I went out to coffee with Adventurer. That always helps to inspire for a time. But by Saturday I was back in my rut. Feeling a failure, not the creative artistic person I aspire to be. I was feeling so terribly NORMAL! I'M NORMAL! Even worse! I'm a pathetic middle aged over the hill normal person. Then something else happend.

While painting my kitchen ceiling beams the most hideous colour of baby blue, not at all what I intended, I heard a car in the laneway. By the time I was able to get down and check out the window, I was just able to catch a glance of a red car exiting my driveway and driving off down the street.

I'm not sure what made me open the door anyhow,but I did. There on the front step was sitting, alone, in all it's glory, a chocolate Kahlua cake! At the time not recognizing exactly what species it was, I thought it odd that someone would drop a bunt cake off like that with out so much as a how do you do. I don't even eat sample packs that come in the mail let alone a whole strange bunt cake!

Curious and confused I wandered over to the front window and stood to reflect on the situation, when I saw the most miraculous thing! There in my front garden, standing proudly amoungst the blooming tulips, on guard, was the oddest interpretation of a lawn Gnome I have yet seen! An Ikea terracotta lawn gnome that's shaped more like a ..... well, never mind, we just won't go there.

It's a message from God! I am Weird! I'm not normal at all! If I were normal would people be leaving terracotta Ikea lawn gnomes on my front tulip bed for no reason at all?! WooHoo!!!

So, thank you to my partner in enhansements,
Adventurer ,who acted as Gods messanger to make my day and set me back on my path of abnormality. From the bottom of my chocolate Kahlua cake filled heart (and stomach) THANK YOU!

I know that God has given each and every one of us a special gift. I'm still not sure what mine is, but I think that it has something to do with being goofy. I know the Spirit will let me know when I'm on the right or wrong paths.

Perpetually Silly,
Perpetually Yours,
Perpetually a Chocoholic,


P.S. Do you think wondering what your gift is could be the only gift some may have?

Also, sorry this is so long. If you made it to the bottom, pat yourself on the back and get a coffee to wake yourself up. Better yet, have some chocolate!


Deb said...

I think you're a very talented artist and writer. I honestly believe it's your gift to bring humor and color into this sometimes dark and stale planet.

Your posts are very humorous, uplifting, and I enjoy them.

From one "nut" to another: If aa army of squirrels ever take over the planet, we're both in serious trouble. LOL!

Great post!

Kurt said...

My gift is being able to get all the pee in the toilet.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Ahhhhh! your secrets out "Kurt". You're really a woman!

Thanks Deb! LOL. If an army of squirrels ever take over the planet I can see them tossing me out chocolate instead of nuts and complaining because I'm pulling the wrappers out of the garbage.

fourth_fret said...

my gifts are many. like... i can gleak just as good as any boy. and i can wiggle my ears. and raise one eyebrow. i can make a sound like a drip in a faucet. my question is not what is my gift, but why am i so freakin' gifted. :P

ruts aren't so bad, by the way. i think they are just there to remind us we have what we need, we just need to use it. gnome altering, especially. ;)

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

you are definately gifted Fret!

I can make the sound of a freight train during an earthquake. But only when I'm asleep and my sinus' are congested.