Monday, 24 April 2006

I snatched this from Deb's blog.

I am: easy-going, silly, usually happy, quite sarcastic, accident prone, mischievous, lacking in mental abilities much of the time, usually about a month behind the rest of the world.

I want: Jesus to come back BEFORE it's my turn to die! Money, fame (for positive reasons) one of my old bosses to ask me for a job (heeheehee!)pretty much what everyone else wants.

I hate: eating seafood. Fish are pets not food! Constipation, nosey neighbours, pushy people, thongs! Man, what's with the facination with butt floss? That can't really be comfortable?!

I miss: my pre-pregnancy body. My boobs being above my waist. Having a waist.

I fear: head lice, wouldn't you like to know the rest!!!

I hear: barely anything unless it's said by God himself!

I wonder: if men really think comb overs are attractive! Why British accents sound so pompous. Why Hollywood women think they look good after plastic surgery.

I regret: being so shy when I was a kid. Not enjoying my early 20's as I should have.

I am not: normal! talented, cranky, driven (lately)

I dance: No longer. I used to dance with Mr. Blue. He'd get excited when I put music on and get up on his hind legs to waltz with me, no matter the type of music.

I sing: only if someone holds a gun to my head. I do not make pretty sounds with my voice!

I cry: once every 10 to 15 years whether I need to or not. Usually not more than that.

I’m not always: eating chocolate. Just most of the time.

I make with my hands: quilts, crocheted baby blankets, piano music, the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, the best looking decorated gnomes in the city! The odd painting. Really big messes!

I confuse: Just about everybody!

I need: to be more organized, like I was before kids, efficient, tidy. Chocolate regularily. To find a way to convince 4 of 4 that "boogs aren't for eating. You need to use a kleenex!"

I should: clean my basement, exercise more, eat less chocolate [snort, ya right!].

I start: many projects that I never finish. Eating chocolate as soon as I get up.

I tag: anyone who wants to play


GoofyJ said...

I enjoyed reading this, though I must say, you sure seem talented from what I have read on your blog and the illustrations you have done. I couldn't draw link that, or write the way you do, that is a talent. :) Anyway, I think you have a lot of talents from what I have read, and I just wanted to let you know. :)

Deb said...

Great post! We're a lot alike! Oh my, that could be scary. Look out world, there's two of us!

anonymous said...

fun! I like it! I'll steal it too! *smile*