Friday, 21 April 2006

I'm baaaaaack! Thanks to the valiant efforts of Adventurer. She swept in to rescue me from the evil clutches of the lawn ornaments headed by none other than the West Village Gnome.

Well, actually that's not quite true. It turns out that I hadn't been abducted at all as so many thought! While I was just hanging out with the L.O.O.N.I.E's, and enjoying myself immensely might I add, they decided they had had enough of me and asked me to go. When I so stubournly refused they put out the "video" in hopes that somebody would come and "rescue" me. It worked. Adventurer came to the rescue and saved the L.O.O.N.I.E's.

The good news is on our jaunt through the neighbourhood last evening, we discovered three brand spankin' new lawn ornaments taking themselves much too seriously. They're just screaming to be decorated. I very much doubt the owners will appreciate the artistic enhancement as much as the Village Gnome's, but if you have a rooster and two horses sitting on your front lawn, tell me they don't need at least a bow or a few plastic Easter eggs to make the picture complete. Oooooh! I like that! Plastic eggs for the rooster. Now what do I do for the horses?.....hmmm....sure wish I had some plastic poop. That would make this lovely picture complete!

You up for this next Thursday Adventurer?!


Kurt said...

Don't get caught, Perp.

Deb said...

You crazy! Hmm. Something for the horses. Diapers? Fake eyeglasses? I'll have to get back with ya on that one.

Mr. Incredulous said...

FART is glad they could be of service, and wish you a speedy recovery from your case of post-traumatic gnome-haunting syndrome.

Adventurer said...

oh yah. I'm up for it!

What about hay ... but that could get messy. Does any one have any horse shoes lying about?

Anonymous said...

I have infilitrated a secret site of the West Village Gnome’s website. Apparently, he's planning couter maneouvers, and may have already started.

PC beware, please, watch yourself!

a friend

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

LOL! Anon. You got me. Alls fair in love, war, and enhansing! Look out!