Sunday, 21 May 2006

It's raining. Again. It's been raining for longer than I care to think about. I'm starting to feel like one of my fish got their wish and soon I'll be living in a little bowl full of atmosphere while the rest of the planet in underwater. I hope they feed me as well as I've fed them, and that they remember that it is they that like blood worms, and not me.

Tomorrow is Victoria Day. A holiday of course! You can't let a long dead queens birthday pass without celebration and a national holiday! So an early Happy Victoria's Day to all.

On Canada day we put up flags and wear maple leaf t-shirts. We have fireworks and parties. Parliament hill jam packs full of happy folk and enjoy live entertainment......other than the politicians for a change.

What do we do for Victoria Day? I believe there are fireworks. A bit "damp" for that, to say the least, this year. That's it. Most start their planting in these parts on this weekend. Too wet to do that though. Cold also. Cold and wet. Yup.

I know....we can all dress up in pompous looking attire and go around looking like we sucked on a lemon while someone shoves a stick up our butt. That's the image brought to mind when someone says Queen Victoria. Sounds like a plan. Let the fun begin!


Deb said...

*Ahem* As fun as the lemons and sticks sound, I think I'll decline your invitation and wave from afar. BTW, the most pompous people here use corn cobs, works better. LOL. You are so hilarious, and your posts are such a joy to read.

Mr. Incredulous said...

I know how you can achieve that "pompous" look without the lemons and sticks. Just serve up majorly stale crumpets with some of bitterest tea you can find.
...Although the way you imagine V-Day, it sounds quite Monty Python-ish. Might be fun!

fourth_fret said...

i have no idea why, except that you used lemon and stick in the same sentence, but i am now thinking about peppermint sticks and lemons.

is that a treat there? i've only had it once and it was in the northeast. first i'd even ever heard of it.

ok, that was random.

Kurt said...

A lovely, lovely woman.

Krista said...

this day is to celebrate Queen Victoria and the current Queen...even though it is neither of their real birthdays.