Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Where's the Bus?

We played beat the bus today. I'm sure we were destined to lose on this particular morning. 2 of 4 was standing barefoot, unbrushed and whining in the living room when the bus should have been shooting down the road at break neck speed. But it didn't happen. No bus appeared.

Fifteen minutes after the bus should have arrived, the children stood around laughing at each other making lizard faces, sticking out their tongues and falling into fits of giggles. (I can't imagine WHO ever started them on that activity--smirk) Still no bus appeared.

I decided, much to the chagrin of 4 0f 4, who likes to lounge in her jammies and catch up on her shows in the morning, that we'd drive to school today. When we got there....still no bus had arrived ahead of us.

I'm not sure what happend to "Speedy" this morning, but it leaves me wondering why I try so hard to beat the bus in the mornings if she's just going to not show up one day. Doesn't she know I have a schedule to keep! I even wore a bra to the bus this morning under my sweatshirt and put on some jeans and brushed my hair! It's not every day I do that! Talk about inconsiderate! Humph! Double-Humph!!

So, I had to take 4 of 4 out for coffee early today and have a muffin with it after dropping the other three off. Sigh. Life is so hard as a stay at home mom.


GoofyJ said...

heh. :) now I am curious as to the Mystery of the Missing Miss Speedy. :) Do fill us in if you ever find out. :)

Kurt said...

Bus driver unions are too powerful.

Deb said...

The gall of that driver. Doesn't it always happen that way? My oldest's bus driver and I had a strained relationship at the beginning of the year. Sometimes he forgot to pick him up in the AM, a couple of times he forgot to drop him off in the PM.

Maybe the lawn ornaments have gotten together a rebellion, and they captured her. LOL

Missed ya!

Adventurer said...

You remembered your bra?! Now I know what *I* forgot to put on this morning!

Mr. Incredulous said...

I think Ms. Speedy decided to find out what all the hubbub was about these morning shows that 4/4 has been seeing and she hasn't, or maybe she thought, "You know, PerpChoc hasn't had a really great cup of coffee lately. I think I'll encourage her to go out for some..."