Wednesday, 24 May 2006


I FINALLY got through almost a whole night without someone waking me up because:
*I was snoring
*They couldn't find the toilet
*They had to up-chuck their supper, preferably on me so I would believe them
*They had a bad dream and wanted to make sure I hadn't indeed run off to join the circus with the other dancing alligators
*They just wanted to say hi
*They dreampt they were swimming with the hippos and peed the bed
*Oh and yes, (about 10 minutes after the waking me up just to say hi!)and by the way, I love you Mama.

At about 5 am my wee one woke me up because she wanted me to come and sleep with her in HER bed. I was too tired to argue, and so dragged myself to her room and nestled myself amoungst the 1oo million stuffed toys, bubbies (baby blankets), pillow and books. So comfortable. Glad to be invited.

Two nights ago however, was even more interesting.
3 of 4 awoke and eventually made her way into the kitchen and came and wrapped her arms around me.

Awww! How sweet! She got up to give me a hug....before I fell asleep for a change. I noticed then that she was fidgiting with my shirt in the front. It appeared she was trying to lift my shirt or something. It was then I realized the true nature of her visit to the kitchen. She thought I was the toilet. She was lifting my lid so that she could pee on me.......


I am NOT the toilet! The bathroom is down the hall. HOLD IT 'TILL WE GET THERE! I yell as I rush her down the hall.....just in time might I add!

I have previously found her in the kitchen opening the utensil drawer, sitting on her sisters bed and in the livingroom on my recliner. Luckily I have always managed to catch her before she does her business.

Oh the joys of living with a sleepwalker.....or should I say sleep peer.

Some nights running away with the dancing alligators sounds tempting. I'd probably get a better sleep in a circus caravan!


Deb said...

ROFLOL!!! Being thought of as the toilet is ONE thing that hasn't happened to me yet.

I thought I was the only one who was a vomit magnet. LOL

Kurt said...

Greatest post ever.

GoofyJ said...

lol! I defintely haven't had the joy of experiencing that one yet. Hillarious! :) Oh, but I know all about being a vomit magnet . . .

Rainypete said...

Sleep peeing could definitely have its downfalls, but think of the ammunition you'll have as she ages.

As for the bed... thought our daughter's bed was the only one that resembled a toddler landfill.

Michele said...

Mine wakes up to try and pee in the trash can, and I thought I was the only one!!

Adventurer said...

Wait until she gets stuck behind the refridgerator ...

My CU-1 had a period of time when he didn't listen to his body and would come down the stairs only to get to the bathroom in the nick of time to be hosed off. That was a bad year.