Wednesday, 7 June 2006

I just can't seem to get my gardening done. The weather is ranging from beautifully hot to scorching. Still my annuals sit potted in their wee little containers, becoming root bound.

Is it the weather? No.
Is it the fact that there is a de-construction zone popping up around me in the form of a fence coming down? No.
Is it that there is a hot new neighbour moving in across the street from me wearing nothing but his muscles and a pair of skimpy shorts while moving in? Nope, still just an 80 something year old gentleman with a cranky little dog.
I have no real truely good excuse for not doing the gardening.....except maybe one. My lawn gnome.

I am afraid if I plant lovely flowers around him I will become like one of those little old ladies that has lovely flowers with a lawn full of little dwarfs, gnomes and lawn jockies that take themselves far too seriously and think that their garden is the most spectacularly beautiful creation since God made Eden.

I'm not that old yet.

What is the solution to this age old "taking your ornamentation to seriously" problem?

A Turkey. Turkey decoys to be exact. The other half of we was discarding perfectly good ones that he no longer wished to hunt with. I have rescued their beeeehinds from the garbage and will have at least one rumaging through the plants. Probably staring at my neighbours house directly beside her laneway just to bug her. I want to see how long it needs to be there before she asks me the purpose of having the thing there. I'll just tell her it's to scare away the squirrels. (giggle)

Blogs are good for something after all! I've just thought through a problem and came up with the perfect solution. I'll decorate with turkeys this year and forget the flowers.


GoofyJ said...

lol! You crack me up. :)

Deb said...

I could never see you as a "tame" old lady. I can see you as the type of elderly lady that bungee jumps and skateboards.

You're a blast!

Adventurer said...

geeze your funny.

Rainypete said...

If you plant a drumstick does a turkley grow in its place or do you haev to plant them full grown?

Kurt said...


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

If you plant a drumstick Pete you get drums, silly!

Never bungee jumping Deb! Truth be told, I'm afraid of heights, and more specifically dieing falling from a height.

Kurt! What?!