Tuesday, 22 August 2006

I fear it's too late my friends. While shopping at a quirky, up-scale little toy store yesterday I came across Gnome cinnamon flavoured gum. After my initial shock wore off I noticed the gnome lip balm hanging from a rack above. Where is this world going to.

I'm not sure, as shocking as the gnome products were, how I felt about the "Next to the Last Supper" Jesus Gum, and "Jesus Rocks" candy. Something just seemed so wrong about them!

Anyhow, everywhere I go gnomes seem to be invading my space. I'm completely sick of talking about them, but can't get away from them. Sadly, as much as I regret the passing of summer, the one thing to look forward to is that there will be few gnomes dotting the landscape during a good Canadian winter. At least here in my city. If you are a resident of a other certain city. I'm not mentioning any names Toronto, they need to call the army in to help when you get a snow storm. Wimps!

Now onto the really exciting and important business. Only two more weeks to school! Yeah baby!!!!!!!


Deb said...

Okay . . .I've heard of everything now, "Next to the Last Supper" gum?

It's happening here too. I was cleaning under the guest bed today, and I found it. . .a troll. It had hot pink hair and was wearing a bikini. Guess it came prepared.

GoofyJ said...

Yeah, I'm with Deb on that gum, it made me chuckle when I followed your link and read their little sale line . . . "Don't let communion breath tell a tale on you" lol! Where do they come up with this stuff?

Mr. Incredulous said...

I pray nobody comes up with "Just a Pinch Between Your Cheek'n" gum.

Adventurer said...

Two weeks?! Put them into the French Catholic system and they'll be in on Tuesday!

Kurt said...

I like the "Jesus Loves My Ass" coffee mug.