Thursday, 7 September 2006

Ahh, the innocence of a child. This masterpiece was an bold attempt at a lifelike drawing of Three of Four's pet rat "Spotty." Three is seven years old. Spotty is 5 months old and is a male. Obviously.

I explained to Three that when you draw a portrait, you need to keep your audience in mind....mainly her three sisters and parents, and that it didn't need to be quite so anatomically correct. She told me it wasn't. She felt her drawing didn't truely reflect the true likeness of his......boys. They are bigger. She is right. They are about a third of his total body size. They put most men to shame and make women blush.

So here he is in all of his glory, standing up on his hind legs, sending you all a hug.


GoofyJ said...


Deb said...

Hey, she exercising her artistic liberties! Hilarious story!

Kurt said...

Perhaps the local paper is holding an art contest for children?