Saturday, 9 September 2006

The other half of we walked in the door yesterday afternoon after work. Two of Four Greeted him with, "Hi Dad. How was your game today." (As in golf.)

I think that I've been a bit too understanding of a wife. Although he was indeed working yesterday, he does tend to spend a lot of time at the driving range and at golf courses.

Before you say it's not true Mr. Perp. Your daughter just confirmed it for me. Smirk.

On the opposite side of things, one of our Pastors came into Chapters and wasn't at all suprised to see me sitting on my butt in Starbucks sipping on my Tall, non-fat, decaf, no whip, half sweet peppermint mocha latte. If you can't find me at home, just call there or the fish store and I'll get the message sometime during the day;-)


Krista said...

Hmmm, then maybe it was you I saw drive by me numerous times out here in the woods called kanata...but I am sure it wasn't as I know you would stop in ;-)

Kurt said...

What fish store?