Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Made In China

I hate shopping. Well, let me qualify that. I hate shopping for anything other than what can be found in a book store, art supply store or stationary shop. Mr. P. has been kind enough to take the girls to the mall to do their shopping in the past. He doesn't like shopping either but is a great dad. When I mentioned this to him, "do you know....I really hate shopping" he laughed and said he could tell by the fact that my 15 year old sweatpants are being held at the waist by elastic bands. (I only wear them at home after all and they are my favourite!)

We all went to the mall together because the girls just had to get something with their Christmas money from their various relatives or they were going to burst. My little Diva's like to shop for clothes and jewelry. I just don't get it, but oh well.

We were walking in a long skinny store which was sporting cheap jewelry, hair paraphernalia, stuffed toys etc. I was checking out the front of the store when I could hear a loud, but high little six year old voice from the back of the store say in disgust,

"Oh my goodness! Junk. All junk from China. Look at this, China, China, China. What crap! Even the stuffed animals are from China! It's all junk." she went on this way in a good rant from the very back of the store to the very front where I was standing and back again.

I have to say I was amused and not embarrassed. The older I get the more it takes to embarrass me.

In the past she's watched the news about recalled toys, jewelry and foods manufactured in China. Shes had her own culled due to potential dangers. She's also listened to adult conversations about these subjects. It's just funny to see a little version of me (she is the only one that looks like a clone of me too) ranting about something just like the big version does on the blog.

Oh ya, and she put her French teacher on notice before Christmas that she wouldn't eat any of the candy canes the teacher was handing out as rewards because they were full of hydrogenated oils (trans fats) and they were just junk. The teacher (a mighty large one) told her that a little candy now and then is good for you. Four of Four then lectured her on the evils of trans fats. When the teacher didn't want to listen and walked away from Four, she told me, she followed her and told her again all about what was wrong with those particular candies. Four only eats natural organic candy canes without trans fat! Doesn't that teacher read labels! (snicker!) I think we've created a monster!


Kurt said...

They outlawed hydrogenated oil in restaurants in NYC; the department of health said it was their duty to protect citizens from health hazards.

Go New York City!

bella rum said...

I believe that both high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils have been banned in Europe. Not positive but I think so. I'm telling you - the junk they're sneaking into our diets - it otta be a crime.

richgold said...

Good for you! Good for 4of4! Means she's listening to you now. Savor the moment for those times you may think you have no influence.

(Oh, and hey - I've given up most, if not all Hershey products. I do Cadbury, or Ganong now!)

Grandma "C" said...

You know it's funny but I remember eating foods that didn't contain these products, and you what they tasted better. In regards to candy, I've pretty well sworn off all of it, unless it's home made by me. And say, older sweats have lots of life in them, and they are more comfortable. Happy New Year to all that see this

Anonymous said...

That 4of4 is going to be a force to be reconned with :-) (and that is meant as a compliment)

Happy New Year!

BONNIE K said...

I just happened upon your blog as I was spending my day off playing - and I am enjoying it. And I think your little one sounds absolutely adorable...

Gary said...

My wife and I have three granddaughters, the oldest being four. She never ceases to amaze us with her comments. Little people today speak more frankly and freely than those of 30-40 years ago.

They are priceless and a breath of fresh air when everything seems to be spinning out of control.

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