Thursday, 5 November 2009

Chicken Little

Okay, 2 cups of coffee turned out to be a bad plan.  I awoke at 3am refreshed and ready to go for the day.  By 6am  I was ready for sleep.  That's a good long time to think and stew.

If I have one more person come up to me and tell me how important the H1N1 flu shot is I may rip off their head.  When people ask me if I've gotten mine I can honestly say...."I'm not in the high risk group and neither are my kids, so we aren't supposed to wait in line for 9 hours to get turned away, at this time."  Every time I bring the kids to the doctor there's been a new shot invented that I just have to get or they just might die right there on the spot.  Oh ya, and it's only $150/child.  I tend to stick to  the old standby's.  MMR, tetnus, etc....Flu shots tend to be on the bottom of the list, even though they're free.  Funny thing is when SARS hit, there was no vaccine that would be ready in time for a possible outbreak and that one was scarry!  They contained it and controlled it.  Why was that not possible with H1N1?

Remember the past two years it was that we were all going to die from West Nile Disease?  We had to completely destroy any flying thing that might resemble a mosquito and if we found a dead crow or blue jay we weren't to touch it but call the authorities immediately.  Like I go around playing with rotting animal corpses.  We couldn't go out without all our body parts covered with clothing and bug spray (chemical garbage might I add) even though it might be 100 degrees outside.  Puleeeeze!  Those species of mosquitos are still around as is the disease.  Why aren't we having a body count on those every year still.

Oh, and lets not forget "Global Warming" that was later changed to "Climate Change".  That was a popular place to throw our money away until the "Global Recession" hit.

What ever happend to the ozone layer being destroyed?  Is it gone yet?  And why if all our children are wearing sunscreen and are staying out of the sun is the skin cancer rate amongst young people is up.  Perhaps we've interferred with our body's way to pretect itself by not exposing ourselves to the sun at a younger age.

Can anyone say "CHICKEN LITTLE! and Huge profits for the drug industry?"


Kurt said...

I'm not getting the swine flu shot either, mostly cause I don't care, not because of he government conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

I don't see this as a government conspiracy as much as one by the pharmaceutical industry. Scare everyone over a flu, and watch the money roll in. The press doesn't help, since sensationalism sells commercial spots, and papers.

I'm not getting either flu shot. I've never gotten one before, and haven't spent any more time out sick than anyone who has gotten the flu shot yearly. If I were in a high risk group, I may think differently, but I'm not. So I'll let the high-risks have it.

- Not yucky at all.

Serena said...

I don't know what to believe any more....I'm one confused puppy.

Jennifer Rose said...

i would think that the cancer rate is up with young people because a lot of them use sunbeds?

I do think a lot of what is going on everywhere is made worse by the media, seems like they want people to panic and then be mindless sheep. Not 100% sure what to make of oink flu but a lot of the rest seems to be just a bunch of panicking. global warming/climate change/what ever it is today bugs me because yes people have messed up the planet but I wish people would stop and think the earth has been changing since the ice age. its a natural happening. and its pretty cold for global warming :p