Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mr. P and Ms. Vicki in Japan

From Mr. P.
"It was almost 24 hours door to door but I made it. Funny thing is it is 8PM here but I am not tired. It is only 6AM at home.
The two most striking things so far are 1) alot of people are wearing hospital masks and 2) I am tall over here :-)
Vickie is having a good time. I think she likes Sushi.
Bye for now."

From Ms. Vicki
"Dibs on the bed!"

From Me:
I was at our local Walmart yesterday and I think that every single short person in the city must have been congregating there.  I was looking over everyones head  and I loved it!  I could live in a country of short people!

At 5'10" my man isn't tall, but he is broad shouldered and muscular.  I've been told by some here that he looks scarry.  I bet he clears the sidewalk over there!

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Serena said...

I'm 5'6" so I'd probably feel quite tall over in Japan too. lol