Thursday, 26 November 2009

A Note from Love Muffin

A note from 'Love Muffin':

This is a picture of a local grocery store. There are bikes everywhere and nobody locks them. I still don't understand why they would rather ride on the narrow sidewalk than use the bike lane on the street.

"I learned a new lesson tonight. When you order something, make sure it looks good, but more importantly make sure you know how to eat it. I ordered something and they brought it to me on a little propane stove. A side dish was a bowl of rice and a raw egg. There were 4 clams or oysters in the pot with noodles, ... I had to ask them how to eat it with sign language. They helped me. Everywhere I go, I order something, the girls will walk away after helping me and then I hear giggling. I must be funny in Japanese."


Sandy said...

"I must be funny in Japanese"...gave me a giggle.

Serena said...

LOL...that IS funny! Mind you, if I was over there, it would probably be me they'd be giggling at.