Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Dust Doggies

Hi all. Anyone know how to build a rabbit hutch? I just took a look under my bed again, and feel I am fighting a loosing battle. The dust bunnies breed quicker than real rabbits. I've decided I've had enough. They win. I figure if I put them in a hutch, maybe they will contain themselves to that confined space and I can pull it out every once in a while without having to clean everywhere under my bed. I actually think though that "dust bunnies" is not the proper term to use to describe what I have. I have no bunnies shedding in my house. I do however have a dog. A large yellow furry shedding dog frequenting my bedroom space. So technically speaking....I have dust doggies under my bed. I wonder if a leash might be a more appropriate choice, that being the case. Before you ask....no I am not bored, high or on any sort of mind altering drug. Medication yes. Drugs no. (Does chocolate count as a drug?)


Krista said...

Blue Blue don't you have a clue
your house is full of bunnies
and nuts
not as in peanuts.....
mudpuddlekids.com ...coming soon to the web near you!

Adventurer said...

Are you sure they're not dust rhinos? Or perhaps dust hippos?!