Friday, 29 January 2010

Perpetual Chocoholic's Logo

I was lying in bed at 2:48am this morning...well, actually 2:44am....the clock is 4 minutes fast but I haven't gotten around to changing it....thinking about what my logo and catch phrase would be if I were a corporation.  Nike's phrase kept running through my head...."Just Do It!"  And then they have their little check mark like logo.  Simple but successful.  They have Tiger Woods as one of their spokespeople and he certainly does live their catch phrase to the best of his ability...."Just Do It!"  Maybe that was his defense to his wife.  Nike made me "Just Do It!"

What would my phrase be?  It wasn't long before a word popped into my head.  Procrastination.  Now "Hot Chocolate" and I have had conversations about our extended family's tendancies to procrastinate.  (He's my cousin.)  We come from a long line of procrastinators.  Half finished projects strewn about.  As of yet unfullfilled promises hanging in the air (a coloured pencil drawing class is one of mine, right?)  So procrastinate is a good one.

Perpetual Chocoholic
Procrastinate Now or Later's Good Too!

I fell asleep before I got the logo design.  Maybe something in the shape of an anchor was forming before I drifted off.  I'll have to wait until I see what pops into my head tonight before I can decide on the logo design.  Maybe, I don't know....we'll see.

Mr. P on the otherhand would have a totally different logo.  I just realized this as I watched him running down the laneway after the garbage truck to make sure they emptied the cans properly.  Instantaneously two were yelled out from the family;

Now Is Too Late!
It's My Way or the Highway!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in his case either.  I suppose we are all a product of our upbringing.

Now who would my spokesperson be.......


BumbleVee said...

It's rampant !! Serena made me express the same sentiment...I was just about to post a blurb about it when I saw on her blog that she beat me to it... then you came to mine...and ..same who else in our little ol' bloggyville is musing about this very same thing? Yep... rampant.... Procrastinators Anonymous would have as big a following as Alcoholics Anon...if only we could get off our diffs and sign up..... lol......

Sandy said...

I am the Queen of the Procrastinators, even wrote a poem about myself years ago, ha.

It took me the last four weeks of thinking about organizing all my tubes of acrylics to finally do it yesterday. Now it will take me just as long to think about finding some paint brushes and using those acrylics.

Kurt said...

There's no time like whenever.

Megan said...

Have I mentioned that I gave notice to my landlady three weeks ago (meaning I have one week left) and haven't packed a thing?

Oh, I also haven't found a new apartment yet, either.

I think I win.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

You da queen Megan!

Serena said...

LOL....yep, Procrastination should have been my middle name.

Megan, I'd be in a mad panic right about now if I were in your shoes! Good luck!

Megan said...

I bought myself an extra week tonight. When I communicated this fact to my brothers, they both exclaimed:

"You're moving on Valentine's Day Weekend?!?"


The Logo Maker said...
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