Friday, 19 February 2010

Feet, Sugar, Squeekers and Kurt

Feet from Wednesday's class.


We introduced peanut the rat to her two new friends this morning and her depression over the loss of her sisters company visibly lifted.  The two baby rats ran up to her and checked out her dairy section.  She took this as a sign and started mothering them as if they were her own.  She kept them close to her, watching to make sure they didn't stray off too far.

After she settled down for the day in her nest, the youngsters continued to explore their surroundings ocassionally passing through her nesting area to check out her bedding.  Eventually she decided she was too old for that crap and didn't really want to be a mother after all as it was interupting her beauty sleep.  (Now be honest, who of us hasn't thought that at one time or another!) I believe she eventually came to the conclusion that she didn't want to look after someone elses brats and put them good and rightly in their places.  I moved them back to there own cage unharmed but squeeking to the relief of Peanut.

Now enough about me.....

For all of you out there who are experiencing OPE withdrawl like myself, maybe if we ask nicely, Kurt will put up another post on this blog?!!!!  I found that throwing tantrums doesn't really work with him (I've tried when he cut down on postings on his blog) so maybe if everyone asks nicely with me he'll write some more!  Pleeeeeease Kurt!  (Begging has never worked for me either, but maybe en mass?)

If you are usually just a lurker, now would be a prime time to speak up!  It's not every day anymore that we have access to such a talented celebrity of the blogging world!  (Can I suck up or what;-)


Sandy said...

Well I got to check out Kurt I guess...

Love the little rats, they are so cute!! I've been meaning to draw a rat, maybe now is the time...I'm tired of monkeys.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Go for it with the rat drawing!

And definitly check out Kurt's blog! It's too bad he's taken much of it down. It was very entertaining!

tony said...

Rats Are Beautiful (& surprisingly) Sleek & Clean Creatures to have for Pets.
P.S. Kurt is The King Of Minimalist-Blogging!

Kurt said...

The Internet has spoken. Two people would like to hear more from Kurt!

emma said...

Makes that three!!!!! Count me in!

i have NO problem begging Kurt for anything.

Sad, isn't it?